Superhero Aprons/Dresses

I saw Some Superhero/heroine Aprons up on Pinterest(Gf made me join), I got bored.
So I decided To make some of my OWN designs, Nothing special just some quick Vectors.

Some of these could easily be turned into Costumes or even Dresses…I just got bored and made about 15 of em.


These are the Designs I’ve come up with so far..Nothing special

I’ll Probably be making a few of these, my gf/sister/friend all want one. I’m not considering them as Useable Aprons(I can make some that way).
Anyways if you’re interested in one Hit me up.
Twitter @JwsmithC4

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Brock Lesnar as Venom/Eddie Brock

So since that shitty Spiderman 3 came out I’ve been pissed…they put a 5 ’10 1/2″ moron from “That 70s Show” as Venom…

Spidey Just pissed himself

THIS is what Venom should look like…well maybe a bit smaller but still MENACING

Venom aka Eddie Brock‘s Stats
Height: 6’3″ (variable with symbiote)
Weight: 260lbs (variable with symbiote)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Reddish Blond

Topher Grace‘s height is like I said 5 ’10 1/2″….and probably weighs around 175lbs..No where NEAR Eddie Brock’s height/weight.

Anyways, I’ve been saying for awhile that The part should have been played by Brock Lesnar, the MMA Fighter.

Brock Lesnar

He Looks So much like Eddie Brock it’s Scary.

Brock Lesnar’s Stats’s
Height: 6′ 3″ (1.91 m)
Weight: 266.8 lbs (121 kg)

This guy is just Huge!

Eddie Brock and Venom

I mean look at that Face, just Screams MMA!

Here’s Eddie Brock in case you don’t know what he looks like.

Anyways On to my Point, and me putting my Photoshopping Graphic Designy talents where my Mouth is…fingers are.


I Took that earlier pic of Brock and Contrasted it up a bit…ok a lot. added Mouth and Eyes and the Venom Symbol


I blackened up the Costume on this one, made it more like how I think it should look. I didn’t Touch the body at all, Those Muscles are all Lesnar as seen in the Previous pic.

Anyways, let me know what you think? Brock Lesnar as Venom? And FYI I don’t care if he can act or not, They thought Topher Grace could and he made that movie that much shittier. (it was already a crap sandwich with diarrhea spread, he added some Foamed crap)
~JWSmithC4 Aka TheITChef

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CNC Tattoo Machine? Part Deux

So After messaging Hackaday about the CNC Tattoo Machine, I did a bit of searching.

I found this baby
Auto-ink Automatic Tattoo Machine

It’s pretty and all, but according to them it’s random, and it only seems to tattoo in ONE color…(unless you physically change it, which to me loses some of it’s “Auto”ing). I just read the little description and it’s mostly just an art piece.

My idea is to work a little bit like those Old Greeting Card Printer machines they had in Walmart way back when.

I think it was the mid-90s, but they had a CNC Kiosk that printed out greeting cards while you watched through a little glass/plexiglass window. After a bit of searching for SOMEONE that remembers these things, I found someone on Etsy that was talking about it. chaps676  Wrote a small article titled “The DreamVendor

They had this little Row of pens that the machine would pick up to change colors. Why not something similar, or even small ink wells so the machine could dip it’s tip to change colors…

Just another weird group of thoughts. One day someone shall read this.

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CNC Tattoo Machine?

So I was reading Skin Deep, a Tattoo magazine, and I got to thinking. Why hasn’t anyone played with making a Tattoo machine controlled by a computer?

What really makes me wonder this, is the movie Starship Troopers.
In the one scene They show the guy getting a tattoo, with a laser etching style
About 28-29 seconds in they show the tattoo being “Laser-etched” onto his arm.

Anyways, I know it’s possible, It’s nothing but a machine controlled by another machine. The only question is who’s brave enough to make/use it.

of Course the machine would require extensive testing, probably need to be hooked up with a kinect or something to get the proper dimensions of the arm/hand/whatever that is getting the tattoo. But Come on, should be simple compared to half the stuff I’ve seen on Hackaday

If anyone DOES decide they like this idea and go to put it into a physical item, Test it out on Oranges, Pigskin, melons(edible kind not the booby kind) or even Leather(how cool would it be to have a Tattooed wallet?)

Anyways…Just a quick Rambling question at 3:50AM EST…

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3D printing with sugar/Isomalt?

I was reading an Article on Hackaday, /tearing-apart-a-hot-glue-gun-for-a-3d-printer/, and got to thinking about how you could use pastry tips for the same purpose but get a finer detail.

Of course me thinking towards the culinary spectrum also made me recall my ideas of a Isomalt “Glue” gun, for use when making a sugar sculpture.

Anyways I’m pretty much just regurgitating my comments on That article but Hey I wrote em so…. 😛

So I was curious why hasn’t anyone thought to use cake Decorating tips in Conjunction with the extruder.

Just a thought, seeing as you can get VERY fine detail tips for cake decorating, plus they’re stainless steel, also they have weird tips that you could do interesting patterns with.

  • jwsmithc4 says:

    also a variation to the “Sugar Glue Stick” is to use Isomalt, has a better workability than sugar. it can be remelted over and over, it can be colored very easily with food color.

    I’ve done several sculptures using sugar and isomalt…by far I’d take isomalt over Sugar.

    Melting temp of Isomalt is 165°C, no watching for crystallization or anything like that. Also you can just break or remelt any pieces that don’t work for you.

    Isomalt isn’t as hygroscopic as sugar. So another benefit over using plain sugar.

    As long as you keep a desiccant in the container you keep the broken pieces in, you should be able to melt it for quite awhile.

    I learned and also took a class from Stephane Treand, he’s MOF(Master of France) and just a RIDICULOUS artist. Watching him airbrush is amazing.

    The Classes I took were on

    • Pastillage *Say it with me Pas-tee-ahj* (gelatin/powdered sugar/vinegar) I have a recipe if anyone is interested.

    • Isomalt

    • Chocolate.

    Here’s Stephane’s site, showing off some of his work

      • He’s a great guy to talk to, kind of a hacker(he doesn’t realize it). He made “Wood bark” by putting silicone on those fake wooden fireplace logs and then painting the mold with two different colors of chocolate.
      • He started airbrushing on Surfboards.

But yea, some interesting stuff. Let me know if you need any help working with it or any of the other stuff I talk about.

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[HOW TO] Batch Zipping or Compressing Multiple Folders into Multiple Zip/rar fIles

I’ve tried for awhile to look for a solution to my problem with compressing multiple folders into separate files… I tried Command line to no avail.

Since I couldn’t get the command line to work, instead I downloaded Winrar

Winrar has an option to zip Multiple folders into their own separate Zip Files.

C:/Files/Fables 01/ into C:/Files/Fables

C:/Files/Fables 02/ into C:/Files/Fables

C:/Files/Fables 03/ into C:/Files/Fables

and so on

With Winrar OPEN to the Folder that contains the folders you want to zip

  • Select all folders you want zipped/rared
  • Click “ADD” or “Alt+A” or “Commands>Add files to Archive
  • Select Rar or Zip
  • Go to “Files” Tab
  • Check “Put each file to separate archive” Under the Archives Box

When you’ve got any other settings you like fixed hit OK and boom Multiple Zips of Multiple Folders…worked sooooo much easier than command line 7zip

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Still Obsessed 27 years later

Today I’d like to talk about my obsession, you’re probably saying which one?

The Ultimate Obsession…


I think a major part of my whole knowledge-seeking deal, stems from my Grandfather. When I was little my mother told me all the time that he could make this or do that. The whole Superman thing. I always thought he was this amazing crafter that could take anything apart and put it back together better. Apparently he took stuff apart but didn’t always get it back together.

My grandpa was the first one to get me into Video games, hooking up the wires of the Atari 2600 to a black and white TV.   That was my start in the world of gaming, also the reason I now know how to connect Audio/Video equipment.

My favorite game back then was a cowboy shooter game, Outlaw.

Atari's Outlaw

My favorite Old School shooter

The Awesome Gameplay of back then

The Awesome Gameplay of back then.

I used to play this game all the time, I loved the one setting where you could shoot through the cactus. Screw Pong and Pac-Man, I wanted Violence and competition.

He also started me on the path of Hacking and the always fun, taking stuff apart. Ever since I was in 1st or 2nd grade I’ve been taking things apart to see how they work. Even now my room is littered with parts, cables, hard drive platters and the like. Not to mention the screwdrivers and hex drivers.

My father’s the one that really got me going after my early video game years. I think in 1995 we got our first computer, a Gateway 2000.

The Beast

The Beast

This baby had a 233Mhz Intel Pentium II Processor with MMX Technology, 64MB of EDO RAM and a massive 1.5 GB hard drive, the G6-266 XL is power without compromise. The video quality of the system’s Virge GX 4MB video card is stunning on the Vivitron(R) 1100, 21″ (19.5″ viewable image) monitor.

I think they paid like $3000 for this computer and a 2.1 speaker setup, along with insane amounts of educational software.

But the best thing my dad told me, the Peter Parker “with great Responsibility” saying for me…

“There’s Nothing you can do to this that we can’t fix.”

That saying took away any worries of breaking this expensive piece of hardware, I looked in system files, I opened anything and everything to see if I could edit it to cheat or just change the color or something else. That is the entire reason I’m not afraid to screw around with the settings that alot of people do. I do understand that my ability to understand situations makes me a better candidate for the whole IT or Computer area. But still, You can’t be afraid to break the software, you just have to learn how to reformat your computer if you do end up with a big problem.

Learn to research, Learn to type in those little error codes, Learn to Ask Questions. or just Question in General.

I can’t tell you how many computers people throw away because “it’s slow” or “it’s old”. The computer I’m on right now is a good 6 years old and still running strong.

And I can’t stress this enough, Be Cautious of the software or files you download. It is not necessary to Buy Virus or Malware protection. Pretty much anything and everything you need for a computer can be downloaded for free. That  includes Operating System, Office applications, Browsers, Security, Image processing and so on. The only thing that costs money is the hardware, bandwidth and time.

Also if you happen to have one of those Computer Geek friends that you always bug for help only when you need help, Don’t do that. At least pretend like you care about these people before you decide to ask for something. I constantly end up with people that want to be my best friend when they need help, and the other 99% of the time…I’m the leper.

Be Nice to your Geek!

and just like Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Computers hath no virus like a Geek annoyed.

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