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Brock Lesnar as Venom/Eddie Brock

So since that shitty Spiderman 3 came out I’ve been pissed…they put a 5 ’10 1/2″ moron from “That 70s Show” as Venom…

Spidey Just pissed himself

THIS is what Venom should look like…well maybe a bit smaller but still MENACING

Venom aka Eddie Brock‘s Stats
Height: 6’3″ (variable with symbiote)
Weight: 260lbs (variable with symbiote)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Reddish Blond

Topher Grace‘s height is like I said 5 ’10 1/2″….and probably weighs around 175lbs..No where NEAR Eddie Brock’s height/weight.

Anyways, I’ve been saying for awhile that The part should have been played by Brock Lesnar, the MMA Fighter.

Brock Lesnar

He Looks So much like Eddie Brock it’s Scary.

Brock Lesnar’s Stats’s
Height: 6′ 3″ (1.91 m)
Weight: 266.8 lbs (121 kg)

This guy is just Huge!

Eddie Brock and Venom

I mean look at that Face, just Screams MMA!

Here’s Eddie Brock in case you don’t know what he looks like.

Anyways On to my Point, and me putting my Photoshopping Graphic Designy talents where my Mouth is…fingers are.


I Took that earlier pic of Brock and Contrasted it up a bit…ok a lot. added Mouth and Eyes and the Venom Symbol


I blackened up the Costume on this one, made it more like how I think it should look. I didn’t Touch the body at all, Those Muscles are all Lesnar as seen in the Previous pic.

Anyways, let me know what you think? Brock Lesnar as Venom? And FYI I don’t care if he can act or not, They thought Topher Grace could and he made that movie that much shittier. (it was already a crap sandwich with diarrhea spread, he added some Foamed crap)
~JWSmithC4 Aka TheITChef

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[HOW TO] Batch Zipping or Compressing Multiple Folders into Multiple Zip/rar fIles

I’ve tried for awhile to look for a solution to my problem with compressing multiple folders into separate files… I tried Command line to no avail.

Since I couldn’t get the command line to work, instead I downloaded Winrar

Winrar has an option to zip Multiple folders into their own separate Zip Files.

C:/Files/Fables 01/ into C:/Files/Fables

C:/Files/Fables 02/ into C:/Files/Fables

C:/Files/Fables 03/ into C:/Files/Fables

and so on

With Winrar OPEN to the Folder that contains the folders you want to zip

  • Select all folders you want zipped/rared
  • Click “ADD” or “Alt+A” or “Commands>Add files to Archive
  • Select Rar or Zip
  • Go to “Files” Tab
  • Check “Put each file to separate archive” Under the Archives Box

When you’ve got any other settings you like fixed hit OK and boom Multiple Zips of Multiple Folders…worked sooooo much easier than command line 7zip

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Couple of things…

First off…Happy Mother’s day…Even though the founder of Mother’s day, Anna Jarvis, became disgusted by the commercialization of the holiday only a few years after starting it up in the US. The United States isn’t the only country to celebrate Mother’s Day, the christian faith isn’t even close to being the first either. It was more than likely started by the Hindu…and they have more of a 2 week or fortnight celebration…


I just wanted to put a couple of thoughts on paper…so to speak/type.

First off. or second as it were.

Obama released his birth certificate a few weeks ago…it’s fake. I caught a video posted by my uncle about dropping the pdf file into Adobe Illustrator and it being composed of layers…

I did that. it is. So Either the guy that did this is just plain horrible, like Jefferson Starship(Supernatural reference) or he wanted to make Obama look like a fool. (A FOOL I SAY!)

Either way, the document is a load of Bull-shite.

In Image editing software such as Illustrator or Photoshop or even the Open Source GIMP, Images are composed of layers. These layers can be thought of as those Clear transfer sheets people used to use for projectors. Clear plastic sheets of paper, pretty much.

And if you wrote “Hi” on the top sheet, then laid that on top of another sheet with “mself” on the second sheet, with some proper adjusting it’d look like someone wrote “Himself” on one sheet of paper, but of course he didn’t.

The reason this “Birth Certificate” can’t be real and that there’s no way they scanned this in, is because when you scan something, you get an image file, whether that’s a JPEG or a GIF or a PNG or even exported to a PDF file it’s still just a single layered image…there’s no way an image can be put into layers, short of molecular Slicing the text off and scanning it separately. Which is currently impossible and just plain stupid.

My Third thing is…

While messing with Illustrator earlier, I realized I needed to reinstall Adobe Master Collection Creative Suite 5.

I go through the usual “Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features>Click Adobe Master collection>Click Uninstall”

And that leads me to the uninstaller…which normally works great.

instead I get “There was a problem with the uninstall. Please restart or go to this link and get the adobe uninstaller clean script.”

I restart, do steps over and get the same result. Insanity as a certain someone would say, performing the same action and expecting different results.

So I click the link to download this Miracle Script. .. only to find at the bottom of the page, where there SHOULD be a download waiting for me. “Please Note: We are uploading the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool for Windows shortly.”

Now if I was just unlucky this could mean that I caught them in the middle of updating software, which means I’ll have the newest buggiest version or possibly non-buggiest version, depending on your optimism/pessimism on new software.

My luck this is something they are working on and soon=weeks.

I start looking for alternatives instantly.
I try CCleaner ( ) – just opens the normal uninstaller…useless as an uninstaller, it does nothing different from Windows.

I look for a third party version of this Miracle Script and it appears none have been created.

So after all this crap, about 10 minutes of my time…probably hours for the average person, I stumble upon a forum post to

Which has a link to “resolve installation problems” Sort of what was needed.

Long LONG LONG story shorter….I find a link to the cleaner script that they so nicely didn’t put on the page advertising it.

or even better the ZIP FILE

So that’s about it for now.

Besides the fact that I’m working out a design in my head for a Birthday cake for my Nephew…and it mostly certainly won’t look like Pokey took a dump and Gumby piped Pink Frosting on it to make it look like a castle…(just some frustration about how easily people are impressed with a baking hate crime)

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Reasons I dislike… 1.0

Reasons I dislike 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.

Reason #1: Poorly Priced

I don’t like paying $5.49 for a Bad Hamburger. or Paying $2.49 for French Fries that cost a total of $0.50 to make, if that.

Reason #2: Poorly Cooked

If you like Dried out Hockey Pucks as hamburgers, have at it. This is from their FAQ.

“Q: Why does Five Guys only serve burgers cooked well done?

A: By cooking all of our burgers juicy and well done we are able to achieve two goals.

-Ensure a consistent product

-Meet or exceed health code standards for ground beef

We understand that there are varying opinions on what level a burger should be cooked for optimal flavor and our opinion is that our burgers taste best cooked juicy and well done.”

in Short they’re Covering their asses and don’t care how you want it. By Cooking the Crap out of a Burger they won’t have someone complain of food poisoning. Juicy and Well Done don’t really go together, Well done means Cooked to 165Ā°, Completely and totally cooked…Not much on Juice there.


I was going to keep on about Why I dislike this but seriously, I don’t care enough. They are no better than McDonald’s or Burger King. Hell Burger King at least says “Have it your way”, unlike 5 Guys, “Have it our way and pay too much”.




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First Post of the 2011

Ey no one. šŸ˜‰

So another year has passed, I now have my Associates of Applied Science DegreeĀ in Culinary Arts. Finished up with an A in a great English class(even though I normally despise English classes).

Before the New year happened, had a wonderful time with my face nice and swollen a la godfather.

The Godfather

Yup, the Left side of my face was nice and round like I was smuggling a golf ball. I started with some Amoxicillin, which did reduce the swelling a bit, not enough. So I ended up going to the Dentist, fun stuff, Geneticly Ā I have just crap teeth. I had braces way back when but it seems I’m just destined to have crap teeth. So knowing that I was probably going to be getting a root canal, I went in expecting pain…

Little did I know that the Novacaine, or whatever painkiller they’re injecting people with for a localĀ anesthetic nowadays, is crap, or I’m just immune to it. I informedĀ Ā the Dentist that it was working a bit, my cheek was numb, a little. He proceeded to Pull out the tooth, the largest in my head I learned later. Half way through this horrible experience, I raise my left hand, indicating pain. They say “Pressure?” and it’s not like I can respond since I have pliers and my mouth open. I shake my hand trying to inform them, they stop realizing that I’m trying to tell them “IT FUCKING HURTS” and they add more of the crap painkiller to my mouth… after another 5 mins of waiting for the painkillers to work, he starts again. By this time I’m just like, “Fuck it, pull it out already”. so I get to feel the oh-so-wonderful feeling of getting the largest tooth in my head, Ripped out with hardly any form of painkiller.

Fun times.

They gave me a prescription for Penicillin and Loritabs…Always with the Loritabs, if I had a runny nose they’d prescribe Loritabs. (they also don’t work for pain on me. just make me nauseous.)

Lots of fun to be had…since the whole tooth pulling happened, my Right ear(opposite side) has been hurting me. I tried Peroxide, and now Tea tree Oil. It works amazingly, the pain subsided in a few minutes.

Anyways…I hate pills. Not for the having to take them or anything like that. I just hate how no matter what the problem is, no matter how insignificant the ailment. They want to give you a pill for it.

Allergies? Here take this. Can’t sleep? Take this one. You sneezed? Here take these Four.

Just be warned that your ass may Bleed instead of you sneezing.

Ok well I’m going to go Drink my Gunpowder Green Tea with Honey and Lemon. And Sleep.

Talk to no one later. Ā šŸ˜‰


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