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CNC Tattoo Machine? Part Deux

So After messaging Hackaday about the CNC Tattoo Machine, I did a bit of searching.

I found this baby
Auto-ink Automatic Tattoo Machine

It’s pretty and all, but according to them it’s random, and it only seems to tattoo in ONE color…(unless you physically change it, which to me loses some of it’s “Auto”ing). I just read the little description and it’s mostly just an art piece.

My idea is to work a little bit like those Old Greeting Card Printer machines they had in Walmart way back when.

I think it was the mid-90s, but they had a CNC Kiosk that printed out greeting cards while you watched through a little glass/plexiglass window. After a bit of searching for SOMEONE that remembers these things, I found someone on Etsy that was talking about it. chaps676  Wrote a small article titled “The DreamVendor

They had this little Row of pens that the machine would pick up to change colors. Why not something similar, or even small ink wells so the machine could dip it’s tip to change colors…

Just another weird group of thoughts. One day someone shall read this.

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[HOW TO] Batch Zipping or Compressing Multiple Folders into Multiple Zip/rar fIles

I’ve tried for awhile to look for a solution to my problem with compressing multiple folders into separate files… I tried Command line to no avail.

Since I couldn’t get the command line to work, instead I downloaded Winrar

Winrar has an option to zip Multiple folders into their own separate Zip Files.

C:/Files/Fables 01/ into C:/Files/Fables 01.zip

C:/Files/Fables 02/ into C:/Files/Fables 02.zip

C:/Files/Fables 03/ into C:/Files/Fables 03.zip

and so on

With Winrar OPEN to the Folder that contains the folders you want to zip

  • Select all folders you want zipped/rared
  • Click “ADD” or “Alt+A” or “Commands>Add files to Archive
  • Select Rar or Zip
  • Go to “Files” Tab
  • Check “Put each file to separate archive” Under the Archives Box

When you’ve got any other settings you like fixed hit OK and boom Multiple Zips of Multiple Folders…worked sooooo much easier than command line 7zip

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Some tips on Using Spybot: Search & Destroy

Just a couple Quick tips on Using Spybot: Search & Destroy or as I will refer to from this point on Spybot.



First thing’s First…. Download and Install it.

When you’re installing Spybot it’ll ask to update the definitions/program/yada/yada/etc/etc…Please do.

After installing/updating, if you are using Windows 7. Right-Click the Shortcut (wherever you may have placed it) and “Click Run as Administrator“. This will help when you do something later and save you the hassle of restarting it and then doing that…

On the program load for the first time, it will have a little “1 of 7” things to do. Backup your registry/update/and so on. Any it asks. Do.

After you finish with the fun little registry backup(always feels like it takes forever) and the like.


You’ll see 3 buttons.

  1. Check for Problems
  2. Recovery
  3. Search for Updates

Even though you may have Just updated when installing. Click Search for Updates. It doesn’t matter which server you choose, usually I go with the Dealer’s choice(let spybot choose).

Definitions are updated CONSTANTLY. This means EVERY TIME you run the program it’s a good idea to update.

it’ll go through some more fun downloading, installing, restarting.

Close any Open Internet Browsers you may have. Next step requires it.

After that fun stuff is finished, Click Immunize. This will block a nice big list of websites that you don’t want anything to do with.  It’ll take a few minutes to do this but it’s worth it.

Immunize after Every Update.

Next Thing to do, Check for Problems

Spybot automatically searches for temporary files and cookies before even bothering to check for problems. it’ll ask you if you want to delete that stuff before you start. It makes it a little faster, so if you want to not sit staring at the program all day, might help.

Once you finish with the temporary files part, it’ll start searching… and searching… and searching.

A Clean(not bogged down with spyware/malware/etc) will have a few things found…like 10 or so. A HIGHLY infected Computer will have close to 800(the record I’ve seen so far), it’ll also require someone like me to even get spybot to even run, so if you can’t even get to your desktop without popups, virus scares and the like…might want to find a professional…or someone that thinks they are.

if you REALLY don’t want to spend $$$ on someone doing routine maintenance on your computer(virus removal, registry cleanup, and all the other crap you can do yourself with a little time).

Worst Case Scenario, You reformat…With Windows 7 you can do a Dirty install, which will put All of the old operating system into a folder, Windows.old.000.

All your files will be in there, usually under C:/Windows.old.000/Users/{Your Username}/

INCLUDING the Infected ones. Best thing to do would be to scan with Microsoft Security Essentials/spybot and try not to reinstall whatever gave you the problems before.

but I digress…

There are some Advanced tools in Spybot…if you don’t know what you’re doing you can screw up your computer…until you fix it 😉


There is nothing that you can do to your computer that cannot be fixed

~My dad


Be Safe and remember to C.Y.A.

~J The I.T. Chef

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