Some tips on Using Spybot: Search & Destroy

Just a couple Quick tips on Using Spybot: Search & Destroy or as I will refer to from this point on Spybot.



First thing’s First…. Download and Install it.
When you’re installing Spybot it’ll ask to update the definitions/program/yada/yada/etc/etc…Please do.

After installing/updating, if you are using Windows 7. Right-Click the Shortcut (wherever you may have placed it) and “Click Run as Administrator“. This will help when you do something later and save you the hassle of restarting it and then doing that…

On the program load for the first time, it will have a little “1 of 7” things to do. Backup your registry/update/and so on. Any it asks. Do.

After you finish with the fun little registry backup(always feels like it takes forever) and the like.


You’ll see 3 buttons.

  1. Check for Problems
  2. Recovery
  3. Search for Updates

Even though you may have Just updated when installing. Click Search for Updates. It doesn’t matter which server you choose, usually I go with the Dealer’s choice(let spybot choose).

Definitions are updated CONSTANTLY. This means EVERY TIME you run the program it’s a good idea to update.

it’ll go through some more fun downloading, installing, restarting.

Close any Open Internet Browsers you may have. Next step requires it.

After that fun stuff is finished, Click Immunize. This will block a nice big list of websites that you don’t want anything to do with.Ā  It’ll take a few minutes to do this but it’s worth it.

Immunize after Every Update.

Next Thing to do, Check for Problems

Spybot automatically searches for temporary files and cookies before even bothering to check for problems. it’ll ask you if you want to delete that stuff before you start. It makes it a little faster, so if you want to not sit staring at the program all day, might help.

Once you finish with the temporary files part, it’ll start searching… and searching… and searching.

A Clean(not bogged down with spyware/malware/etc) will have a few things found…like 10 or so. A HIGHLY infected Computer will have close to 800(the record I’ve seen so far), it’ll also require someone like me to even get spybot to even run, so if you can’t even get to your desktop without popups, virus scares and the like…might want to find a professional…or someone that thinks they are.

if you REALLY don’t want to spend $$$ on someone doing routine maintenance on your computer(virus removal, registry cleanup, and all the other crap you can do yourself with a little time).

Worst Case Scenario, You reformat…With Windows 7 you can do a Dirty install, which will put All of the old operating system into a folder, Windows.old.000.

All your files will be in there, usually under C:/Windows.old.000/Users/{Your Username}/

INCLUDING the Infected ones. Best thing to do would be to scan with Microsoft Security Essentials/spybot and try not to reinstall whatever gave you the problems before.

but I digress…

There are some Advanced tools in Spybot…if you don’t know what you’re doing you can screw up your computer…until you fix it šŸ˜‰


There is nothing that you can do to your computer that cannot be fixed

~My dad


Be Safe and remember to C.Y.A.

~J The I.T. Chef

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Couple of things…

First off…Happy Mother’s day…Even though the founder of Mother’s day, Anna Jarvis, became disgusted by the commercialization of the holiday only a few years after starting it up in the US. The United States isn’t the only country to celebrate Mother’s Day, the christian faith isn’t even close to being the first either. It was more than likely started by the Hindu…and they have more of a 2 week or fortnight celebration…


I just wanted to put a couple of thoughts on paper…so to speak/type.

First off. or second as it were.

Obama released his birth certificate a few weeks ago…it’s fake. I caught a video posted by my uncle about dropping the pdf file into Adobe Illustrator and it being composed of layers…

I did that. it is. So Either the guy that did this is just plain horrible, like Jefferson Starship(Supernatural reference) or he wanted to make Obama look like a fool. (A FOOL I SAY!)

Either way, the document is a load of Bull-shite.

In Image editing software such as Illustrator or Photoshop or even the Open Source GIMP, Images are composed of layers. These layers can be thought of as those Clear transfer sheets people used to use for projectors. Clear plastic sheets of paper, pretty much.

And if you wrote “Hi” on the top sheet, then laid that on top of another sheet with “mself” on the second sheet, with some proper adjusting it’d look like someone wrote “Himself” on one sheet of paper, but of course he didn’t.

The reason this “Birth Certificate” can’t be real and that there’s no way they scanned this in, is because when you scan something, you get an image file, whether that’s a JPEG or a GIF or a PNG or even exported to a PDF file it’s still just a single layered image…there’s no way an image can be put into layers, short of molecular Slicing the text off and scanning it separately. Which is currently impossible and just plain stupid.

My Third thing is…

While messing with Illustrator earlier, I realized I needed to reinstall Adobe Master Collection Creative Suite 5.

I go through the usual “Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features>Click Adobe Master collection>Click Uninstall”

And that leads me to the uninstaller…which normally works great.

instead I get “There was a problem with the uninstall. Please restart or go to this link and get the adobe uninstaller clean script.”

I restart, do steps over and get the same result. Insanity as a certain someone would say, performing the same action and expecting different results.

So I click the link to download this Miracle Script. .. only to find at the bottom of the page, where there SHOULD be a download waiting for me. “Please Note: We are uploading the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool for Windows shortly.”

Now if I was just unlucky this could mean that I caught them in the middle of updating software, which means I’ll have the newest buggiest version or possibly non-buggiest version, depending on your optimism/pessimism on new software.

My luck this is something they are working on and soon=weeks.

I start looking for alternatives instantly.
I try CCleaner ( ) – just opens the normal uninstaller…useless as an uninstaller, it does nothing different from Windows.

I look for a third party version of this Miracle Script and it appears none have been created.

So after all this crap, about 10 minutes of my time…probably hours for the average person, I stumble upon a forum post to

Which has a link to “resolve installation problems” Sort of what was needed.

Long LONG LONG story shorter….I find a link to the cleaner script that they so nicely didn’t put on the page advertising it.

or even better the ZIP FILE

So that’s about it for now.

Besides the fact that I’m working out a design in my head for a Birthday cake for my Nephew…and it mostly certainly won’t look like Pokey took a dump and Gumby piped Pink Frosting on it to make it look like a castle…(just some frustration about how easily people are impressed with a baking hate crime)

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Reasons I dislike… 1.0

Reasons I dislike 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.

Reason #1: Poorly Priced

I don’t like paying $5.49 for a Bad Hamburger. or Paying $2.49 for French Fries that cost a total of $0.50 to make, if that.

Reason #2: Poorly Cooked

If you like Dried out Hockey Pucks as hamburgers, have at it. This is from their FAQ.

“Q: Why does Five Guys only serve burgers cooked well done?

A: By cooking all of our burgers juicy and well done we are able to achieve two goals.

-Ensure a consistent product

-Meet or exceed health code standards for ground beef

We understand that there are varying opinions on what level a burger should be cooked for optimal flavor and our opinion is that our burgers taste best cooked juicy and well done.”

in Short they’re Covering their asses and don’t care how you want it. By Cooking the Crap out of a Burger they won’t have someone complain of food poisoning. Juicy and Well Done don’t really go together, Well done means Cooked to 165Ā°, Completely and totally cooked…Not much on Juice there.


I was going to keep on about Why I dislike this but seriously, I don’t care enough. They are no better than McDonald’s or Burger King. Hell Burger King at least says “Have it your way”, unlike 5 Guys, “Have it our way and pay too much”.




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First Post of the 2011

Ey no one. šŸ˜‰

So another year has passed, I now have my Associates of Applied Science DegreeĀ in Culinary Arts. Finished up with an A in a great English class(even though I normally despise English classes).

Before the New year happened, had a wonderful time with my face nice and swollen a la godfather.

The Godfather

Yup, the Left side of my face was nice and round like I was smuggling a golf ball. I started with some Amoxicillin, which did reduce the swelling a bit, not enough. So I ended up going to the Dentist, fun stuff, Geneticly Ā I have just crap teeth. I had braces way back when but it seems I’m just destined to have crap teeth. So knowing that I was probably going to be getting a root canal, I went in expecting pain…

Little did I know that the Novacaine, or whatever painkiller they’re injecting people with for a localĀ anesthetic nowadays, is crap, or I’m just immune to it. I informedĀ Ā the Dentist that it was working a bit, my cheek was numb, a little. He proceeded to Pull out the tooth, the largest in my head I learned later. Half way through this horrible experience, I raise my left hand, indicating pain. They say “Pressure?” and it’s not like I can respond since I have pliers and my mouth open. I shake my hand trying to inform them, they stop realizing that I’m trying to tell them “IT FUCKING HURTS” and they add more of the crap painkiller to my mouth… after another 5 mins of waiting for the painkillers to work, he starts again. By this time I’m just like, “Fuck it, pull it out already”. so I get to feel the oh-so-wonderful feeling of getting the largest tooth in my head, Ripped out with hardly any form of painkiller.

Fun times.

They gave me a prescription for Penicillin and Loritabs…Always with the Loritabs, if I had a runny nose they’d prescribe Loritabs. (they also don’t work for pain on me. just make me nauseous.)

Lots of fun to be had…since the whole tooth pulling happened, my Right ear(opposite side) has been hurting me. I tried Peroxide, and now Tea tree Oil. It works amazingly, the pain subsided in a few minutes.

Anyways…I hate pills. Not for the having to take them or anything like that. I just hate how no matter what the problem is, no matter how insignificant the ailment. They want to give you a pill for it.

Allergies? Here take this. Can’t sleep? Take this one. You sneezed? Here take these Four.

Just be warned that your ass may Bleed instead of you sneezing.

Ok well I’m going to go Drink my Gunpowder Green Tea with Honey and Lemon. And Sleep.

Talk to no one later. Ā šŸ˜‰


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Still Obsessed 27 years later

Today I’d like to talk about my obsession, you’re probably saying which one?

The Ultimate Obsession…


I think a major part of my whole knowledge-seeking deal, stems from my Grandfather. When I was little my mother told me all the time that he could make this or do that. The whole Superman thing. I always thought he was this amazing crafter that could take anything apart and put it back together better. Apparently he took stuff apart but didn’t always get it back together.

My grandpa was the first one to get me into Video games, hooking up the wires of the Atari 2600 to a black and white TV. Ā  That was my start in the world of gaming, also the reason I now know how to connect Audio/Video equipment.

My favorite game back then was a cowboy shooter game, Outlaw.

Atari's Outlaw

My favorite Old School shooter

The Awesome Gameplay of back then

The Awesome Gameplay of back then.

I used to play this game all the time, I loved the one setting where you could shoot through the cactus. Screw Pong and Pac-Man, I wanted Violence and competition.

He also started me on the path of Hacking and the always fun, taking stuff apart. Ever since I was in 1st or 2nd grade I’ve been taking things apart to see how they work. Even now my room is littered with parts, cables, hard drive platters and the like. Not to mention the screwdrivers and hex drivers.

My father’s the one that really got me going after my early video game years. I think in 1995 we got our first computer, a Gateway 2000.

The Beast

The Beast

This baby had a 233Mhz Intel Pentium II Processor with MMX Technology,Ā 64MB of EDO RAM and a massive 1.5 GBĀ hard drive, the G6-266 XL is power without compromise. The video quality of the system’s Virge GX 4MB video card is stunning on the Vivitron(R) 1100, 21″ (19.5″ viewable image) monitor.

I think they paid like $3000 for this computer and a 2.1 speaker setup, along with insane amounts of educational software.

But the best thing my dad told me, the Peter Parker “with great Responsibility” saying for me…

“There’s Nothing you can do to this that we can’t fix.”

That saying took away any worries of breaking this expensive piece of hardware, I looked in system files, I opened anything and everything to see if I could edit it to cheat or just change the color or something else. That is the entire reason I’m not afraid to screw around with the settings that alot of people do. I do understand that my ability to understand situations makes me a betterĀ candidateĀ for the whole IT or Computer area. But still, You can’t be afraid to break the software, you just have to learn how to reformat your computer if you do end up with a big problem.

Learn to research, Learn to type in those little error codes, Learn to Ask Questions. or just Question in General.

I can’t tell you how many computers people throw away because “it’s slow” or “it’s old”. The computer I’m on right now is a good 6 years old and still running strong.

And I can’t stress this enough, BeĀ Cautious of the software or files you download. It is not necessary to Buy Virus or Malware protection. Pretty much anything and everything you need for a computer can be downloaded for free. ThatĀ Ā includes Operating System, Office applications, Browsers, Security, Image processing and so on. The only thing that costs money is the hardware, bandwidth and time.

Also if you happen to have one of those Computer Geek friends that you always bug for help only when you need help, Don’t do that. At least pretend like you care about these people before you decide to ask for something. I constantly end up with people that want to be my best friend when they need help, and the other 99% of the time…I’m the leper.

Be Nice to your Geek!

and just like Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Computers hath no virus like a Geek annoyed.

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Espresso and things…


So things have been I don’t know…stagnant, lately. I feel just bleh about the “same Sh*t, different day” that seems to be happening. I know it’ll come around soon but still…it sucks.


I went with my girlfriend to Orientation at North Georgia College this Wednesday, it was tiring. They have a nice campus, lots of walking, but nice, I guess. They have a little restaurant/coffee thing there and a Poor excuse for a Starbucks(which I feel Starbucks is a poor excuse for a Starbucks now.).

Anyways again…

I ordered a Venti Caramel Machiatto, my usual drink. This complete moron of a woman(want to say much worse but…y’know), hands me the drink and it has about 7oz of liquid in it and the rest filled with a poor excuse for foam…

I asked her why was there no actual coffee in my coffee, she tells me that that’s how it’s supposed to be and that all she can do is add more milk to it…srsly WTF?!? on top of the coffee being weak and not espresso, she only put 7 ounces out of 20 in it. and most of those ounces were milk already…

I asked another starbucks slave what was in a Caramel Machiatto; I was told double shot of espresso; vanilla syrup; milk; and a bit of foam at the top to kind of “Dome it”.

not what I was given…at all.

I just looked up a “How to” on the drink.

The shots of espresso need to be added after the steamed milk. The actual recipe for the Grande Caramel Macchiato is 3 pumps vanilla syrup, add steamed milk with a bit of foam on the top, add double shot of espresso, and then make a criss-cross pattern on top of the foam with the caramel.

And that’s for a Grande not a Venti. You would think a Venti would be a bit more than a Grande given that it’s the Larger of the drink sizes…

Anyways this experience and the general raising of prices and lowering of quality has pushed me to just raise two fingers in the air. One on each hand and say “F*ck Starbucks”. I’ll make my own coffee from now on.

or if I’m out, I’ll take the $1.79 cup of Powdered coffee from Quiktrip/Racetrac, mixed with a bit of their Fresh Brewed. This saves me about $3 that I wasted on a cup of coffee that had no flavor besides sweet andĀ aggravatedĀ Ā the hell out of me for a good hour after talking to the drone working there.

I’m sick of that Franchise. It went from an innovative idea to a corporate POS in no time.

Best thing you could do, buy a “Non-paper cup” from World Market, or a carafe or Travel mug or any one of those Travel cups they sell at Gas stations now.Ā World Market’s Non-Paper Cups

Enough of my ranting…something I do a bit of.

I found an interesting site, well my gf did. My point being I found this site and they have some eclectic items that make my inner geek happy. Also my inner “Wine Enthusiast”.

ok I’m distracted now so…

Get your Comic Fix

Soooo…It’s been a while since I posted…anything really. Not that what I do post makes much of any sense to the possible one person that sees this.

Anyways, lately I’ve been in a rare mood of sorts, reading comics of all things.

I think the reason I was hit with the sudden urge to relive my childhood passion, was this new AMC–America Movie Classics series, The Walking Dead. It’s loosely(Very) based on the comic book, The Walking Dead, published by Image and written by Robert Kirkman. I haven’t kept up with many series since I stopped collecting way back when I was 14 or so, but this series pulled me back in.

The Walking Dead paints an amazing picture of the post-zombie-apocalyptic nightmare, and just makes you happy it hasn’t happen, on top of making you pray it doesn’t happen. Every single time the group of survivors in this series gets close to having a break, aĀ semblance of peace or hope…$#!+ happens.

There’s about 78 issues out so far on this series, I read around 48 so far…and just had to take a break. Gore and a bleak future get old pretty quick, so I started reading a few other series waiting for my interest to return.

Without even really knowing, I started reading Invincible, which is also written by Robert Kirkman. It’s kind of a parody of Superman or possibly Superman having a son and that son breaking into the Superhero Racket. Not a bad one for light reading, or to blow off the gore fest that is the Apocalypse.


I’ve also jumped back into some Marvel and DC stuff.

  • Red Hulk — The incredible Hulk but not Green, interesting stuff, more so for the cameo appearances.
  • Superman:Earth One — A Brand Spanking New Rendition of the Man of Steel. This one is Very interesting,Ā reminiscent of Spiderman.
  • All-Star Superman — Ā I don’t even know how to explain this one. It’s Superman, but not… I think it’s supposed to be like an Alternate Universe–Parallel Dimension, blah, blah. Good Read but ends abruptly.
  • Blackest Night — Oooo DC’s Answer to the Marvel Zombies. The Green Lantern apparently has Emotional relatives:
    • Red Lantern Corps (Rage)
    • AgentĀ Orange (Avarice)
    • Yellow color: Sinestro Corps (Fear)
    • Green Lantern Corps (Will)
    • Blue Lantern Corps (Hope)
    • Indigo Tribe (Compassion)
    • Violet color: Star Sapphire (Love)
    • Black Lantern Corps (Death)
    • White Lantern Corps (Life)
  • Old Man Logan — Wolverine in the Post-Apocalyptic Future…Good Story and an amazing ending.
  • Marvel Zombies — An Interesting Read. They actually mix a bit of Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead in there. It’s always fun to see how Zombies would affect the Superhuman.
  • Ultimate Marvel — Anything from the Ultimate Series is worth a read. They take the everyday superheroes and put a modern spin on them. Spiderman becomes a Web Designer(lol) for the Daily Planet’s Online Paper.
  • ļ»æDakenĀ Dark Wolverine — Wolverine’s Son…


Anyways that’s what I’ve been reading for the past couple of days, I’ll probably add more to it later. but seriously there are a LOT of good comics/stories out there now…
Go Read something.