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Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk or The Hulk vs Wolverine


Just a Quick Photoshop of Brock Lesnar and CM Punk.

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Superhero Aprons/Dresses

I saw Some Superhero/heroine Aprons up on Pinterest(Gf made me join), I got bored.
So I decided To make some of my OWN designs, Nothing special just some quick Vectors.

Some of these could easily be turned into Costumes or even Dresses…I just got bored and made about 15 of em.


These are the Designs I’ve come up with so far..Nothing special

I’ll Probably be making a few of these, my gf/sister/friend all want one. I’m not considering them as Useable Aprons(I can make some that way).
Anyways if you’re interested in one Hit me up.
Twitter @JwsmithC4

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Brock Lesnar as Venom/Eddie Brock

So since that shitty Spiderman 3 came out I’ve been pissed…they put a 5 ’10 1/2″ moron from “That 70s Show” as Venom…

Spidey Just pissed himself

THIS is what Venom should look like…well maybe a bit smaller but still MENACING

Venom aka Eddie Brock‘s Stats
Height: 6’3″ (variable with symbiote)
Weight: 260lbs (variable with symbiote)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Reddish Blond

Topher Grace‘s height is like I said 5 ’10 1/2″….and probably weighs around 175lbs..No where NEAR Eddie Brock’s height/weight.

Anyways, I’ve been saying for awhile that The part should have been played by Brock Lesnar, the MMA Fighter.

Brock Lesnar

He Looks So much like Eddie Brock it’s Scary.

Brock Lesnar’s Stats’s
Height: 6′ 3″ (1.91 m)
Weight: 266.8 lbs (121 kg)

This guy is just Huge!

Eddie Brock and Venom

I mean look at that Face, just Screams MMA!

Here’s Eddie Brock in case you don’t know what he looks like.

Anyways On to my Point, and me putting my Photoshopping Graphic Designy talents where my Mouth is…fingers are.


I Took that earlier pic of Brock and Contrasted it up a bit…ok a lot. added Mouth and Eyes and the Venom Symbol


I blackened up the Costume on this one, made it more like how I think it should look. I didn’t Touch the body at all, Those Muscles are all Lesnar as seen in the Previous pic.

Anyways, let me know what you think? Brock Lesnar as Venom? And FYI I don’t care if he can act or not, They thought Topher Grace could and he made that movie that much shittier. (it was already a crap sandwich with diarrhea spread, he added some Foamed crap)
~JWSmithC4 Aka TheITChef

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Get your Comic Fix

Soooo…It’s been a while since I posted…anything really. Not that what I do post makes much of any sense to the possible one person that sees this.

Anyways, lately I’ve been in a rare mood of sorts, reading comics of all things.

I think the reason I was hit with the sudden urge to relive my childhood passion, was this new AMC–America Movie Classics series, The Walking Dead. It’s loosely(Very) based on the comic book, The Walking Dead, published by Image and written by Robert Kirkman. I haven’t kept up with many series since I stopped collecting way back when I was 14 or so, but this series pulled me back in.

The Walking Dead paints an amazing picture of the post-zombie-apocalyptic nightmare, and just makes you happy it hasn’t happen, on top of making you pray it doesn’t happen. Every single time the group of survivors in this series gets close to having a break, a semblance of peace or hope…$#!+ happens.

There’s about 78 issues out so far on this series, I read around 48 so far…and just had to take a break. Gore and a bleak future get old pretty quick, so I started reading a few other series waiting for my interest to return.

Without even really knowing, I started reading Invincible, which is also written by Robert Kirkman. It’s kind of a parody of Superman or possibly Superman having a son and that son breaking into the Superhero Racket. Not a bad one for light reading, or to blow off the gore fest that is the Apocalypse.


I’ve also jumped back into some Marvel and DC stuff.

  • Red Hulk — The incredible Hulk but not Green, interesting stuff, more so for the cameo appearances.
  • Superman:Earth One — A Brand Spanking New Rendition of the Man of Steel. This one is Very interesting, reminiscent of Spiderman.
  • All-Star Superman —  I don’t even know how to explain this one. It’s Superman, but not… I think it’s supposed to be like an Alternate Universe–Parallel Dimension, blah, blah. Good Read but ends abruptly.
  • Blackest Night — Oooo DC’s Answer to the Marvel Zombies. The Green Lantern apparently has Emotional relatives:
    • Red Lantern Corps (Rage)
    • Agent Orange (Avarice)
    • Yellow color: Sinestro Corps (Fear)
    • Green Lantern Corps (Will)
    • Blue Lantern Corps (Hope)
    • Indigo Tribe (Compassion)
    • Violet color: Star Sapphire (Love)
    • Black Lantern Corps (Death)
    • White Lantern Corps (Life)
  • Old Man Logan — Wolverine in the Post-Apocalyptic Future…Good Story and an amazing ending.
  • Marvel Zombies — An Interesting Read. They actually mix a bit of Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead in there. It’s always fun to see how Zombies would affect the Superhuman.
  • Ultimate Marvel — Anything from the Ultimate Series is worth a read. They take the everyday superheroes and put a modern spin on them. Spiderman becomes a Web Designer(lol) for the Daily Planet’s Online Paper.
  • Daken Dark Wolverine — Wolverine’s Son…


Anyways that’s what I’ve been reading for the past couple of days, I’ll probably add more to it later. but seriously there are a LOT of good comics/stories out there now…
Go Read something.