CNC Tattoo Machine? Part Deux

So After messaging Hackaday about the CNC Tattoo Machine, I did a bit of searching.

I found this baby
Auto-ink Automatic Tattoo Machine

It’s pretty and all, but according to them it’s random, and it only seems to tattoo in ONE color…(unless you physically change it, which to me loses some of it’s “Auto”ing). I just read the little description and it’s mostly just an art piece.

My idea is to work a little bit like those Old Greeting Card Printer machines they had in Walmart way back when.

I think it was the mid-90s, but they had a CNC Kiosk that printed out greeting cards while you watched through a little glass/plexiglass window. After a bit of searching for SOMEONE that remembers these things, I found someone on Etsy that was talking about it. chaps676  Wrote a small article titled “The DreamVendor

They had this little Row of pens that the machine would pick up to change colors. Why not something similar, or even small ink wells so the machine could dip it’s tip to change colors…

Just another weird group of thoughts. One day someone shall read this.

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One thought on “CNC Tattoo Machine? Part Deux

  1. doctor detroit says:

    Well this is a topic I have alot of interest in. I am a digital artist and for years wanted to take one of my highly detailed designs and go tattoo with it. What I can tell you is that the machine would need to be programmed to follow the contour of your body (3d scan). Also it would need to monitor your breathing and blood pressure to raise and lower the needles as your body heaves while breathing (or during an intense pain response back off). A 5 axis arm would be ideal to speed things up and an operator would need to monitor the process in case of ink jamming or heavy bleeding. In the long run its going to be more expensive than a pro tattoo artist and the results are dependant on many things going right. An analog tattoo seems like the best way for now which is why I dont have any.

    dr. D

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