CNC Tattoo Machine?

So I was reading Skin Deep, a Tattoo magazine, and I got to thinking. Why hasn’t anyone played with making a Tattoo machine controlled by a computer?

What really makes me wonder this, is the movie Starship Troopers.
In the one scene They show the guy getting a tattoo, with a laser etching style
About 28-29 seconds in they show the tattoo being “Laser-etched” onto his arm.

Anyways, I know it’s possible, It’s nothing but a machine controlled by another machine. The only question is who’s brave enough to make/use it.

of Course the machine would require extensive testing, probably need to be hooked up with a kinect or something to get the proper dimensions of the arm/hand/whatever that is getting the tattoo. But Come on, should be simple compared to half the stuff I’ve seen on Hackaday

If anyone DOES decide they like this idea and go to put it into a physical item, Test it out on Oranges, Pigskin, melons(edible kind not the booby kind) or even Leather(how cool would it be to have a Tattooed wallet?)

Anyways…Just a quick Rambling question at 3:50AM EST…

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8 thoughts on “CNC Tattoo Machine?

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  2. Tutu says:

    the big problem is the mapping the skin curves…. yes the kineect may solve this problem but….. programing is very hard……….. so….. for this I think in make easy the programing… and the solution is this…. ( Uma barra de apoio em contato direto com a pele funcionando como uma especie de sensor da curvatura da pele, e também de sua elasticidade…)(A support bar in direct contact with the skin functioning as a kind of sensor skin sagging, and also its elasticity …) the machine has to do in any skin of body…. using this tool the programing is easyest like a printer….

  3. robotatt says:

    I am brave enough to make computer controlled tattoo machine that works perfectly 🙂
    We have been working on computer controlled tattoo machine last 8 years and finally we have perfectly working prototype that has been fully tested during that time. Currently we are working on presentation of the project.

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