Reasons I dislike… 1.0

Reasons I dislike 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.

Reason #1: Poorly Priced

I don’t like paying $5.49 for a Bad Hamburger. or Paying $2.49 for French Fries that cost a total of $0.50 to make, if that.

Reason #2: Poorly Cooked

If you like Dried out Hockey Pucks as hamburgers, have at it. This is from their FAQ.

“Q: Why does Five Guys only serve burgers cooked well done?

A: By cooking all of our burgers juicy and well done we are able to achieve two goals.

-Ensure a consistent product

-Meet or exceed health code standards for ground beef

We understand that there are varying opinions on what level a burger should be cooked for optimal flavor and our opinion is that our burgers taste best cooked juicy and well done.”

in Short they’re Covering their asses and don’t care how you want it. By Cooking the Crap out of a Burger they won’t have someone complain of food poisoning. Juicy and Well Done don’t really go together, Well done means Cooked to 165°, Completely and totally cooked…Not much on Juice there.


I was going to keep on about Why I dislike this but seriously, I don’t care enough. They are no better than McDonald’s or Burger King. Hell Burger King at least says “Have it your way”, unlike 5 Guys, “Have it our way and pay too much”.




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2 thoughts on “Reasons I dislike… 1.0

  1. My very fave burger is one my mom makes…but now that I don’t live with her, they’re like rare, precious gems! I even hate prepared burgers from the supermarket; I want mine hand pattied (or whatever the verb is). Have you ever tried In and Out? I have not, but a lot of my h.s./college friends headed west after college, and they love it. Maybe we need a cross country trip? You know, for research purposes.

    • jwsmithc4 says:

      Sounds familiar, but I’m not too sure I have. The one I really want to try is by Richard Blais, his Kobe burger looks amazing. It’s Kobe Beef, Foie Gras, White Truffle and a red wine reduction. Only a burger in the sense that it’s beef and comes on a bun, but defly worth the $30 price tag. One of those things you should only eat once a year because of its decadence.

      Maybe we can do a Foodie tour if we’re ever in ATL at the same time.

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