First Post of the 2011

Ey no one. 😉

So another year has passed, I now have my Associates of Applied Science Degree in Culinary Arts. Finished up with an A in a great English class(even though I normally despise English classes).

Before the New year happened, had a wonderful time with my face nice and swollen a la godfather.

The Godfather

Yup, the Left side of my face was nice and round like I was smuggling a golf ball. I started with some Amoxicillin, which did reduce the swelling a bit, not enough. So I ended up going to the Dentist, fun stuff, Geneticly  I have just crap teeth. I had braces way back when but it seems I’m just destined to have crap teeth. So knowing that I was probably going to be getting a root canal, I went in expecting pain…

Little did I know that the Novacaine, or whatever painkiller they’re injecting people with for a local anesthetic nowadays, is crap, or I’m just immune to it. I informed  the Dentist that it was working a bit, my cheek was numb, a little. He proceeded to Pull out the tooth, the largest in my head I learned later. Half way through this horrible experience, I raise my left hand, indicating pain. They say “Pressure?” and it’s not like I can respond since I have pliers and my mouth open. I shake my hand trying to inform them, they stop realizing that I’m trying to tell them “IT FUCKING HURTS” and they add more of the crap painkiller to my mouth… after another 5 mins of waiting for the painkillers to work, he starts again. By this time I’m just like, “Fuck it, pull it out already”. so I get to feel the oh-so-wonderful feeling of getting the largest tooth in my head, Ripped out with hardly any form of painkiller.

Fun times.

They gave me a prescription for Penicillin and Loritabs…Always with the Loritabs, if I had a runny nose they’d prescribe Loritabs. (they also don’t work for pain on me. just make me nauseous.)

Lots of fun to be had…since the whole tooth pulling happened, my Right ear(opposite side) has been hurting me. I tried Peroxide, and now Tea tree Oil. It works amazingly, the pain subsided in a few minutes.

Anyways…I hate pills. Not for the having to take them or anything like that. I just hate how no matter what the problem is, no matter how insignificant the ailment. They want to give you a pill for it.

Allergies? Here take this. Can’t sleep? Take this one. You sneezed? Here take these Four.

Just be warned that your ass may Bleed instead of you sneezing.

Ok well I’m going to go Drink my Gunpowder Green Tea with Honey and Lemon. And Sleep.

Talk to no one later.  😉


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