Espresso and things…


So things have been I don’t know…stagnant, lately. I feel just bleh about the “same Sh*t, different day” that seems to be happening. I know it’ll come around soon but still…it sucks.


I went with my girlfriend to Orientation at North Georgia College this Wednesday, it was tiring. They have a nice campus, lots of walking, but nice, I guess. They have a little restaurant/coffee thing there and a Poor excuse for a Starbucks(which I feel Starbucks is a poor excuse for a Starbucks now.).

Anyways again…

I ordered a Venti Caramel Machiatto, my usual drink. This complete moron of a woman(want to say much worse but…y’know), hands me the drink and it has about 7oz of liquid in it and the rest filled with a poor excuse for foam…

I asked her why was there no actual coffee in my coffee, she tells me that that’s how it’s supposed to be and that all she can do is add more milk to it…srsly WTF?!? on top of the coffee being weak and not espresso, she only put 7 ounces out of 20 in it. and most of those ounces were milk already…

I asked another starbucks slave what was in a Caramel Machiatto; I was told double shot of espresso; vanilla syrup; milk; and a bit of foam at the top to kind of “Dome it”.

not what I was given…at all.

I just looked up a “How to” on the drink.

The shots of espresso need to be added after the steamed milk. The actual recipe for the Grande Caramel Macchiato is 3 pumps vanilla syrup, add steamed milk with a bit of foam on the top, add double shot of espresso, and then make a criss-cross pattern on top of the foam with the caramel.

And that’s for a Grande not a Venti. You would think a Venti would be a bit more than a Grande given that it’s the Larger of the drink sizes…

Anyways this experience and the general raising of prices and lowering of quality has pushed me to just raise two fingers in the air. One on each hand and say “F*ck Starbucks”. I’ll make my own coffee from now on.

or if I’m out, I’ll take the $1.79 cup of Powdered coffee from Quiktrip/Racetrac, mixed with a bit of their Fresh Brewed. This saves me about $3 that I wasted on a cup of coffee that had no flavor besides sweet and aggravated  the hell out of me for a good hour after talking to the drone working there.

I’m sick of that Franchise. It went from an innovative idea to a corporate POS in no time.

Best thing you could do, buy a “Non-paper cup” from World Market, or a carafe or Travel mug or any one of those Travel cups they sell at Gas stations now. World Market’s Non-Paper Cups

Enough of my ranting…something I do a bit of.

I found an interesting site, well my gf did. My point being I found this site and they have some eclectic items that make my inner geek happy. Also my inner “Wine Enthusiast”.

ok I’m distracted now so…


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