.Energy Drinkers United or .EDU

I totally thought that title up in about 3 seconds, gotta laugh at EDU.


I figured I’d do a bit of Review-age(more reminisce than review)  on Energy Drinks I like/miss/want/currently digesting…

Some of those drinks I’ll miss/want/like.

  • Josta — Mmmm Josta, a drink from way back in 1995(Ancient times of Middle school), it was the very first soft drink I had found with the miracle berry of Guarana. This drink was Pepsi’s response to Surge or Vice versa, it was ruity, purple and gave you incredible energy for a soda. I miss my Josta dearly, I’ve seen people try to recreate it but you can’t replace something that was so perfect.
  • Pepsi Blue — Translucent Blue Sugar Juice. It was one of those sodas you just couldn’t drink more than one a day of, and as a member of Carbonated Beverage Drinkers Anonymous (lol jk of course), that’s saying something. Sugary, Berry Flavored and gave you hand jitters.
  • Jolt Cola — The Double Caffeinated Cola. Jolt doesn’t taste like coke or Pepsi, it’s more so on the Kola nut flavor, almost like a flatter version of coke. One of my favorite reasons for this drink was a scene in the movie HACKERS where Razor and Blade do a bit of a commercial in their broadcast saying “Jolt Cola: The soft drink of the elite hacker.” Funny stuff.
  • Mello Yello Afterglow — I normally can’t stand citrus drinks for some odd reason, but this was more of a peach-flavored citrus drink. It was a very rare drink to stumble upon, I think I purchased it about 4 times. Afterglow had one of those flavors that are just, Je ne sais quois, apparently it was peach according to wikipedia(accuracy?).
  • Mountain Dew LiveWire — Tangerines, so good yet hardly thought of. Livewire has a great bite when you first sip it, almost like that first taste of a fresh Tangerine but not as harsh with the citrus. Apparently this drink is still being sold, just not anywhere near me.
  • Bawls — Yes that’s the name of a drink…Dirty minded people. I laughed when I saw it too and just had to buy two bottles of it. This is one odd drink, it’s clear, guarana flavored, and Highly carbonated. Energy wise I’m not too sure, I don’t remember much of a buzz from it, I do know it’s a great taste though. If you’ve ever in major Metropolitan, I suggest buying this if you see it.
  • Hansen’s Energy Drink(Green can) — Such an awesome flavor and packed a punch too. I would buy this one whenever I saw it, Pre-Red Bull days. Hansen’s came in an 8oz can and beat Red Bull to the Energy Drink market by about 2 years at least. For some reason they just couldn’t market the product well enough, and I think they either went out of business or retracted their range. Who knows…

Eh I’m getting tired of thinking about all the great drinks that aren’t out there anymore so I think i’ll call this a night…day?….1.5am so whatever that is.



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