Are you using these?

Just thought I’d share some of the programs I use with anyone that bothers reading this…

For Image Viewing and some organization I like to use Picasa from Google. It has a pretty nice  User Interface, along with Facial recognition(really helps putting people into categories with just a quick scan) and it loads faster than previous software I’ve used. On top of all that…It’s Free.

I’ve tried using an insane amount of DVD creation software, all of which sucked…They either required loads of time to put together or just had no Ease of Use to them. I recently had to create a couple DVDs that could play on a DVD Player(something I never use.) so I tried DVD Flick. It’s Very simple to use, User Friendly and does what it’s supposed to. It Encodes, Burns and you can use Pre-made menus. This software is also Free, pretty sure it’s a Sourceforge item.

I Love downloading things, I probably do about a terabyte a month in Downloads, and one of the programs I use for my downloads (bittorrent-wise) is µTorrent. It’s a very small, very useful Bittorrent client, it has no installation, just one small file. If you Download torrents Use it.

For your Online Privacy when it comes to Downloading torrents, this is a Must! It’s called PeerGuardian. It blocks IP addresses that are known to be affiliated with Anti-P2P groups, Advertisers, Trackers and anyone else that tries to follow your business. I have this running all the time on every computer in the house(currently about 6 of em.) If you have problems running PeerGuardian on Windows 7, there’s always Peerblock. Oh and this software also blocks known “Hijacked” computers.

Something a lot of people don’t do enough, is clearing out all the files they download after they’ve spent a day/week/month/year online.  It bogs down your machine, on top of the fact you’re leaving a trail of “where have you been” on your computer for anyone to find. I use CCleaner to automatically clear all of my history, cookies and everything else like that.

For your Antivirus/malware needs I suggest Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s free and seems to do the job without having that overpowering, horrible Microsoft Take-over-your-computer feel.

Spybot: Search and Destroy. I use this program every single time I have to fix someone’s computer, 99% of the time the computer is overrun and infected with adware/malware/spyware and any other type of ware out there. This program has an immunization button which will prevent a couple hundred thousand(145,890) websites from being even loaded. You can also mess with startup programs that insist on loading despite your not wanting them, lots of options and things to keep it clean.

I’m watching Boardwalk Empire while writing this, so I keep getting a bit distracted.

Just thought of another program that is a Great replacement for one that no one seems to think has one. Everyone and their brother/mother/sister/father seems to use Adobe Acrobat for PDF files…it’s resource hungry, dominates startups, updates constantly and so on… Instead of the monopoly of Adobe, I suggest Foxit Reader. It’s also Free(for personal use only). It loads Very quickly, takes very little memory/cpu and it just kicks Acrobat’s ass.

Browser-wise (because I forget some people still use Internet Explorer)

  • Mozilla Firefox – Has sooooo Much customization and ease of use and all that.
  • Google Chrome –  Fast browser, not much in the ways of customization since it’s new, but it does give you more viewing area than most.(that is unless you press F11  for Fullscreen)

I’m getting a bit bored with this and can’t think of too much more that I use that’s free and not too technical(I could mention; Cheat Engine for memory editing; WinPcap for capturing and transmitting network data; Fiddler for Live Web editing and hacking. I’m sure I could go on but eh…)

I will mention some quick programs minus the big descriptions.

  • 7zip – Zip/Rar/7z/iso every other type of Compression utility
  • Notepad++ – It’s Notepad but better, mostly used for people that are coding. It has a very nice Every-other-line thing going on, and it has a tab bar for multiple files.
  • CDBurnerXP – Free CD and DVD Burning software. Runs Very well, Far better than Nero IMHO(In My Humble Opinion)
  • Combined Community Codec Pack or CCCP – The Ultimate in Codec packs(used for viewing any type of video file on your computer) This is the only thing you need if you want to view that movie/tv show you downloaded with Utorrent.
  • Media Player Classic – I’m not going to include the Download link for this because it comes with CCCP, but this is the smallest and best video player around. It allows for DVD playback and works far better than Windows media player. MPC(Media Player Classic) is also free and won’t take over your taskbar/computer.

Anyways, that’s pretty much everything I install when I get/format a computer. There are more but most people wouldn’t bother figuring out how to use em.  If you have any questions or suggestions of things I should use in place of any of these let me know, I’m also open to something better.

Thanks for reading if you did…or skimming as it probably is.



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